The Brag

Elaborate cape-wielding illusions aren’t so much on the cards of this super-power group’s performance as comedic piss-takes on the trade and inducing that heartfelt sentiment that for one moment, one split second, the audience can leave behind its skepticism to invest in the innocent belief that magic exists.
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Time Out

The boy-band of the magic world bring a spectacle of magic and illusion to Parramatta

A kind of magic supergroup assembled by Australian James Galea, Band of Magicians pitch themselves not as some mystical collective but instead a bunch of ordinary dudes who dabble in the extraordinary, offering a loose, approachable take on an often dated-seeming and derided (Gob Bluth anyone?) art form.

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Daily Telegraph

If you’ve ever watched a youngster and lamented your own faded, now threadbare sense of wonder, get along and check this show out. It’ll dye it, dry clean it and hang it back up better than ever. Laboured metaphors aside, this is a wonderfully entertaining excursion, full of moments to leave the most hardened sceptic agog.
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